KEEP IT 1200 Initiative

KEEP IT 1200 Initiative

We are excited to be involved with this social responsibility initiative inspired and powered by the DJ community. Technics 1200 turntables are the foundation of the DJ culture, so it's only fitting to name this campaign....KEEP IT 1200.

KEEP IT 1200 is a DJ driven fundraising initiative where DJ’s invite Venues and DJ Brands to make a monthly donation of $100 or more towards digital music education. All donations benefit various 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations  to support digital music education and afterschool music programs.

The premise:
Each year…nightclubs, bars and lounges generate over $1 billion dollars in annual revenue, in which the DJ is the primary entertainment. DJ Brands and retail outlets generate another $500 million in sales. Here’s an opportunity to pay it forward for a worthy cause!

How It Works:
100 DJ’s invite 100 Venues/Brands to donate $100/mo. = $1,200/year

Venue owners, music brands and supporters are able to make a one-time or recurring monthly donation.

For more information or to make a donation, visit: